2019 Holiday Retail Shopping Season: Jewelers, Are You Ready?

jewelers are you ready for the holiday season?

1 in 5 holiday shoppers will spend more this year!

If you have a boutique, jewelry store, or sell jewelry online you are just days away from the 2019 holiday season kick-off. A large percentage of consumers have already started their holiday shopping.

40% of consumers start shopping before Halloween

Deloitte recently posted a holiday retail survey simply states that "It’s looking like another cheerful holiday season for retail in 2019 and online shopping is looking to be even stronger this holiday season". Part of their top 10 insights notes that while holiday shopping typically peaks around Thanksgiving, this year it is expected to shift to slightly later. So you can expect holiday shopping to peak in early December. Click here to read their entire survey.

IBISworld recently released its Jewelry Store Industry Market Research Report for the US and the numbers are not as positive although "rising disposable income is expected to revive demand for high-end jewelry.

Our takeaway from these two reports is that you need to think outside the box, and perhaps get more creative with your boxes and displays. With a goal to attract with your displays, entice with your beautiful jewelry, and make it convenient with your packaging.

Jewelers are busy thinking, planning, and marketing their jewelry stock that they might forget to plan for adequate packaging and displays. Based last minute orders in the past holiday season we've compiled a shortlist of 4 things you should review in terms of your gift packaging and displays.

Jeweler Holiday Season Prep To-Do List

jeweler holiday to-do list for packaging and displays


MUST DO: Check your jewelry gift box inventory

REVIEW: Your jewelry rolls or trays for backstock

UPDATE/REPLACE: Test all of your jewelry tools

REVIEW: older jewelry displays


    Presenting Jewelry

    The presentation of your jewelry can undervalue your jewelry if it is not displayed or packaged appropriately. Once you've checked your Holiday To-Do List Allure Box & Display can help you with everything from jewelry gift boxes, gift bags/pouches, tools, and supplies. We can also help you brand your packaging or even create custom packaging and displays.

    Check out our displays, boxes, and bags and get ready for the holiday rush!