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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Jewelry Pouches with Matching Exterior Boxes

Jewelry Pouches are a Simple Way to Add a Special Touch to your Jewelry

microfiber jewelry pouches with matching boxes
Pairing a jewelry pouch and matching box with your jewelry is a great way to let your customers know how very special their purchase is. And ... it will also set the stage for the recipients of the jewelry.

Form and Function

The pouches and boxes also have a functional use. The jewelry pouches are often kept with the jewelry and help keep them clean (more below on this). And the matte exterior boxes help ensure that the pouches are not lost or that the drawstring pouch doesn't open by mistake.

These microfiber drawstring jewelry pouches are available with or without an earring divider. The jewelry pouches come with matching matte textured exterior boxes. Available in 2 sizes (small and large ) and 2 colors (Grey and Black).

Don't forget you have an option to add your logo or event branding on the pouch and/or the exterior box!

A surprising benefit of microfiber jewelry pouches

Microfiber is an excellent cleaning tool. When used as a buffer with the jewelry you'll be surprised at how well it works to remove fingerprints, dust, and dirt. Storing jewelry in microfiber pouches will further help keep jewelry clean.

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