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Jeweler's Loupes and Magnifiers

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A jeweler’s loupe, the most common type of jeweler’s magnifier, is a handheld magnifying lens that is used by jewelers to inspect diamonds and gems. A jewelry loupe allows the jeweler to view miniscule details with greater clarity.

What to Look for with Jeweler’s Loupe

You don’t have to be a certified gemologist to be able to spot imperfections with a jeweler’s eyepiece. Looking at the surface, small cracks and chips easily come into view.  Checking with a jewelry loupe to see if a diamond matches up with its grading report is always a good idea, and it's best to do so before signing off on a purchase.

Best Jewelry Loupe Magnification: The 10x Loupe

How powerful is the standard jeweler’s loupe? Most jewelers will use magnifying loupes that are 10x magnification loupes. When using a handheld jewelry loupe of 10x magnification power, the jeweler can view the gem easily. 10x loupes are accepted by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as the standard for grading diamonds for clarity.

Eye loupes above 10x have a very small depth of field for the jeweler to focus on at once, making it difficult to use. Higher magnification than the 10x loupe should be done with a jeweler’s microscope.

The Benefits of a Triplet Jewelry Loupe

What is a triplet jewelers loupe? A triplet jewelry loupe is comprised of three different lenses. The three lenses give a corrected color and reflection view for a more accurate glimpse of your stone without distortion around the edges.

The triplet, color-corrected 10x loupe is often known as a gemologist's best friend. With a 10x triplet jeweler’s loupe, the color, cut, and clarity of a diamond are now able to be determined.

A single lens jewelry loupe, unlike a triplet jewelry loupe, doesn’t feature a corrected lens. A singlet loupe can still be incredibly useful, though. The single eye loupe is the prime watchmakers loupe for examining dials and marks. Jewelers who don’t need to assess color can also rely on a single lens jewelry loupe for basic inspections.

Jeweler’s Loupe with Light is Preferred by Jewelers

Some jewelry and diamond loupes come equipped with an LED light for an illuminated jeweler’s loupe. An LED loupe for jewelers isn’t only for use in insufficient lighting. Using a jewelers loupe with light allows for greater clarity on all those tiny details, even in a well-lit room.

Also, when inspecting the clarity of stones, hallmarks on metal, or watch movements, the last thing you want is a shadow to fall over the spot you’re scrutinizing! The direct light from the LED jewelers loupe will eliminate shadows, and you won't have to rely on an outside source of light.

Most genuine diamonds fluoresce under UV lights. Fluorescence is the term used for diamonds (and other objects) that emit a visible glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. Jewelers often use a jewelers loupe with a UV light to test the fluorescence of a diamond since it may impact the price.

Our All-in-One UV and LED Jewelers Loupe combines a 10x triplet jewelers loupe with LED light and UV light for the versatile, use-anywhere jeweler’s loupe.

Shop our jewelry loupe and magnifier products, including an awesome macro lens and light for smartphones. Take pro-level photos without expensive equipment!

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Imprinting on packaging items is available in standard pigment and metallic colors as a foil hotstamp.


$60 imprinting fee (includes first 200 prints)

$0.27 each additional print.

New Plate for Box & Pouch $69

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PRINTING options

Imprinting on packaging items is available in standard pigment and metallic colors as a foil hotstamp.

$60 imprinting fee (includes first 200 prints)

$0.27 each additional print.

$69 New Box & Pouch Plate.

$89 New Bags Plate.

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Price for plate is
Box & Pouch: $50.
Bags: $75.

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