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Ring Sizing Tool Determines Ring Size

Professional jewelers use a variety of ring sizing tools to size rings according to finger measurements or other rings. To accurately size a custom ring, or resize a standard ring, jewelers turn to their indispensable ring sizing tools.

How to Use a Ring Sizer: Understand the Marks on the Mandrel

The ring mandrel is a cylinder rod for jewelers to size and form rings around it. Markings on the ring sizing mandrel assist jewelers with sizing, and many ring mandrels have quarter sizes clearly marked on the mandrel as well.

How to measure the ring size using a ring stick? Simply slide the ring over the ring size gauge and note the number on the rod at the place where the ring cannot go further – that's the size!

Types of Ring Mandrels: Which to buy?

A grooved ring mandrel with the groove running along the side of the mandrel is used for rings with stone settings as a protection to the setting.  Often, ring sizer mandrels for sale will be manufactured with horizontal grooves on the ring mandrel for showing the ring size. For jewelers doing ring fashioning on the mandrel, a smooth ring mandrel with no grooves is preferred by jewelers. This allows the jeweler to hammer on the mandrel without inscribing the grooves onto the ring.

When a ring sizer stick is used only to check ring sizes, the material of the mandrel won’t make much of a difference. This is not the case when using mandrels as a tool to form rings! Then it's important to note what each material is best used for. For fashioning patterned metal on the mandrel, plastic ring mandrels or aluminum mandrels can both be used. However, for wax carvings not to stick or for beating metal, aluminum mandrels prove to be a better choice.

Comfort Fit VS Standard Fit: Know Which Ring Size Gauge to Use

The difference between standard fit rings and comfort fit rings lies in the shape of the ring. Comfort fit rings feature a curved interior that allows the ring to slip on and off easily, especially over the knuckles. While technically the same size, standard fit rings are flat on the inside, resulting in a more snug fit.

To resize a ring with a comfort fit, a ring sizing tool such as this comfort ring sizer tool should be used. Note that many rings for men can be classified as comfort fit, including most wider wedding bands.

For sizing standard fit rings, a ring size gauge such as our plastic pop-out ring sizer and our plastic finger gauge can be used, in addition to our ring mandrels. The pop-out ring sizer eliminates mistakes since the jeweler doing the repairs can be sent the plastic ring that the customer tried for the ring to be sized accordingly.

>>>Buying Tip to All Professional Jewelers: Having more than one ring size tool helps.

Often, the jeweler ring sizer you use to size customers’ fingers may be slightly different than the size of their current ring. Your customers will appreciate your diligence when you also measure their ring with a ring mandrel to determine their preferred fit. After all, who wants to resize a ring twice?

Shop Allure for quality ring sizing tools. You’ll be the right fit for that ring sizing job!

Printing Options

Imprinting on packaging items is available in standard pigment and metallic colors as a foil hotstamp.


$60 imprinting fee (includes first 200 prints)

$0.27 each additional print.

New Plate for Box & Pouch $69

New plate for Bags $89 Large bag $99

PRINTING options

Imprinting on packaging items is available in standard pigment and metallic colors as a foil hotstamp.

$60 imprinting fee (includes first 200 prints)

$0.27 each additional print.

$69 New Box & Pouch Plate.

$89 New Bags Plate.

Plates that are ordered are stored with us for future use.

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Price for plate is
Box & Pouch: $50.
Bags: $75.

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