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Ensure you are well-stocked with all essential jewelry store supplies! Since top-level service is a basic for any retail jewelry store, be prepared to assist your clients with the right supplies.

Supplies to Appraise Jewelry

Inspect the quality of the jewelry you buy with jeweler's loupes and magnifiers. Use jewelry scales and gem testers to determine authenticity and weight. You’ll also need quality lighting to achieve this. Invest in a proper jewelry lamp for all your appraisals, repairs, and even sorting work.

Supplies for Every Retail Jewelry Store

Countertop mirrors are essential jewelry store supplies that you’ll want to have strategically placed to avoid crowding around one. Match your look with a black, clear, or wooden finish.

Jewelry price tags available in multiple colors allow you to attach a code or price to your jewelry pieces. If you're selling jewelry in a retail location, they are a must-have for your jewelry store.

Use ring sizing tools to accurately size customers’ fingers and rings to complete ring purchases or resizing jobs. For e-commerce jewelry stores, this jewelry store supply tool is for you, too! Buy our cheap and light snap-out plastic ring sizers, send to customers, and have them place their orders with the correct sizes.

Jewelry zip lock bags help you store small pieces, like extra links, closures, etc. in a safe and easy-to-find manner. For projects waiting to be repaired, the iconic jewelry repair envelopes, which are numbered consecutively, keep your queue organized and simple to manage.

To keep your jewelry sparkling, wrap your silver jewelry in anti-tarnish tissue or place anti-tarnish tabs into the ziplock bags to prevent them from tarnishing. Our ultrasonic jewelry cleaner will return jewelry to its original state! Cleans dust, and other microscopic dirt that jewelry accumulates with time.

Place an assortment of jewelry in showcase trays or stackable lightweight trays. Display and pack away – all without lifting the jewelry pieces!

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