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As a savvy jeweler, you know the importance of displaying jewelry to capture their unique beauty. Allure is highly rated among jewelry displays suppliers, and we can help you put together your showcase, display table, or window display with wholesale jewelry display products that will result in sales.

On your search for wholesale jewelry displays and packaging, (and of course some unique jewelry displays at wholesale costs, too) here are some industry secrets.

Envision the Retail Jewelry Display in the Showcase

It’s easy to get carried away when you see all the different jewelry pieces you own. Which need display stands and jewelry display fixtures?

Your best pieces make a statement. Think of your jewelry pieces that will enamor and bedazzle your clients. These are the jewelry for your retail jewelry display setup! The rest can be kept in jewelry trays away from the showcase. Now you can select jewelry displays to correspond with the pieces you want to display.

Note: Once you settle on your display jewelry pieces, don’t limit yourself to exact quantities for the jewelry retail displays you’re buying. Part of keeping your store fresh is revitalizing and changing your jewelry display setup often! Besides being a fun thing to do, it appeals to customers hungry for more to keep browsing.

The Best Jewelry Displays Contrast with the Color of your Jewelry

You want jewelry display colors that will sell jewelry. What’s the best color to display jewelry? While you may think black, white is actually the number one best selling color for wholesale jewelry displays. White appears great with all metals and doesn’t need amazing lighting, unlike black. Cream color retains the classic properties of white with warmer tones.

Grey is great for making yellow gold jewelry really stand out, and bright colored stones will certainly pop. Brown jewelry displays, another classic, contrast all metals and are seen as less severe than black.

Shop Wholesale Unique Jewelry Displays to Add Elements of Design to Your Showcase

Of course you want variety. But put too much and you leave customers feeling dizzy or overwhelmed. The key is to balance your showcase with variety in a way that enchants the senses without being an overload on them.

This is especially true when displaying a complete jewelry collection together. To bring things up a notch, put several wholesale unique jewelry displays such as an elegant multi-ring stand, our earring tree display, the tiered chain display, the sloped bracelet ramp, or the luxury men's watch display. These are all great for adding visual interest in a way that doesn’t detract from the jewelry!

Use Differing Heights for your Jewelry Display Stands

When looking at jewelry displays for sale, you want to create a wow showcase. You know that you need wholesale unique jewelry displays for several carefully selected products to achieve this. But did you know that varying your heights can make a world of a difference?

In a showcase with all of your jewelry display fixtures vying to be seen, avoid crowding to allow each jewelry display stand to have enough empty space to give it its due attention. Using accents of jewelry bases and risers allows for more space around each item even as you use up more horizontal space! Plus, different heights in jewelry displays lets more be visible to the eye at an overall glance.

Allure’s jewelry display supply is unmatched in quality and durability. Our wholesale jewelry display and packaging line is stocked with the best jewelry displays, allowing you to find high-end jewelry displays that grant your pieces an upscale, boutique appearance.

Shop our contemporary jewelry displays to set you apart as current and fashion forward!

We’ve even got complete jewelry display sets for your showcase so you can set up your showcase effortlessly and professionally.  Who said anything about daunting?

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