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Packaging and displays help sell jewelry when it tells a brand story. Our designers help bring your brand experience into innovative packaging and displays. They are experienced designers in luxury and retail packaging, and take inspiration in a variety of trends while working with your company to make packaging and displays that compliment your brand.

We review your brand, incorporate that into a message, and then translate that message into custom designed displays, gift boxes, and gift bags. We also offer graphic design solutions including logo designs and printing processes as well as CAD design services and sketching.


Creating custom designs to BRAND IT and sell.

Making a positive first impression with custom jewelry packaging and displays!


How will custom brand designed jewelry gift boxes my help business?
If you have a recognizable branded box like Tiffany’s for example you can create your brand identity and develop brand loyalty.
How should I prepare for my custom design meeting?
Know your budget, know who your customers are and answer these questions: What emotions are associated with your brand? Who are you competitors? Which packaging styles do you like best from your competitors? What is your brand color palette? Are there any problems with current packaging that you would like solved?
What is the minimum number of products for a custom order?
Approximately 3000-5000 pieces. Please call 800-859-1788 for more details.
How do I know what materials and colors are available for custom designed packaging?
When you place your order we will go over the various materials available.
How long does it take to develop?
Approximately 2 weeks.
How long does take to get a sample once design is approved?
2-3 weeks
Do I have to print in only 1 color?
No there are other solutions to 1 color printing when you are creating brand designed boxes.



Extending a branding project from the design of a new logo to custom designed displays took this jewelry store to the next level.

CHALLENGE: Mr. Almon just updated his logo and was looking to update his jewelry displays to help give is his store a new look and match his new logo. He wanted to do more than simply stamping his logo on the displays.

RECOMMENDATION: Allure Box & Displays recommended a custom design. First Mr. A. should speak with a salesman to discuss store needs. And then a designer will reach out to him with a new display layout for him to review.

RESULTS: The new custom displays fit with the overall brand and gave the store a whole new look and feel. The work was completed prior to the Christmas season and sales went up.


Never underestimate the power of presentation. When a jewelry company was approached by a large store an unimpressive package was almost a deal breaker.

CHALLENGE: Ken is a wholesale supplier of silver jewelry. He was approached by Hobby Lobby to have a line in their stores. He showed them the basic white card he puts his jewelry on and they were not impressed. They want him to have a crafty, fashion packaging that suits their customers and his jewelry. He came to Allure for help.

RECOMMENDATION: Allure Box & Displays recommended that Ken use our design team to come up with custom designed packaging specific to Ken’s brand.

RESULTS: Allure’s designers created a blush watercolor floral pattern for the packaging. Hobby Lobby loved the new packaging and Ken secured the Hobby Lobby business.


The custom displays made a huge difference. They better highlight the jewelry on display. And people seem to be drawn into the store by the colors." ~ a grateful jewelry store owner in New Haven, CT
We knew we wanted custom jewelry gift boxes but we where more than thrilled by the creativity and guidance of the Allure team. Thank you!" ~ jeweler in Fort Lauderdale, FL
We love the custom design. But it is the fabulous Stock "N Ship service that made this custom design affordable for us. Thank you Allure!" ~ handmade jeweler from San Diego, CA

Let Allure Box & Displays brand your packaging and displays! 

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