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Seeking to buy wholesale jewelry boxes? Our jewelry gift boxes has lead Allure to become one of the top jewelry box suppliers. With the right jewelry gift boxes, we can help you get more value for your brand. Here’s how.

Shop Jewelry Gift Boxes Designed to Captivate Hearts

Gift boxes for jewelry with a luxurious appeal and rich tones bolster the mood set off by your gorgeous jewels. Quality fabrics like leather or suede will cushion and protect the stones – and also enchant its recipients.

Unique jewelry gift boxes also stamp your brand, and by extension its products, as one-of-a-kind and worth a trip from anywhere. With unique jewelry gift boxes you can effectively brand the ambiance you are creating!

Consider also the demographics of your jewelry buyers and your style jewelry, so the jewelry gift boxes will create the right effect. Sleeker shaped jewelry gift boxes in bright colors might appeal to younger shoppers. Bigger sized, accented gift boxes for jewelry are a match for heavy bejeweled pieces.

Personalize! Printed Jewelry Boxes with Your Logo

Get personalized jewelry boxes with logo imprinting! The jewelry retail boxes you love should display your brand for personalized jewelry gift boxes that give your brand an edge. When you select the printing option, you can choose to use an existing plate, upload your logo, and even design your free jewelry logo for printing! You’ll also see a preview of the jewelry boxes with your logo.

Ready for real brand exclusivity? Allure’s custom jewelry boxes will surpass your visions. Click to get inspired to design your wholesale custom jewelry boxes!

Lead the way to custom jewelry gift boxes!  Let's design your own jewelry box

Buy Bulk Jewelry Boxes to Ensure You Never Run Low

The closing of a jewelry sale should be marked with joy, not fear over low stock. Allure’s wholesale jewelry boxes are packed in bulk packages with a low minimum of 12 boxes. (Cheap jewelry boxes and discount jewelry boxes may have different minimum amounts.) Minimize constant re-ordering and save on costs!

When you’re ready for more, our simple reorder feature allows for easy checkout with the retail jewelry boxes from your last order. And since speed is important to you, our processing time is same day on jewelry gift boxes that do not require imprinting.

Trust Allure for your jewelry box supply.  Get ready to unbox perfection!

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