Jewelry Lamps

Jewelers work with tiny components. Needless to say, this can cause unnecessary eye strain when there is no proper lighting for their workspace or workbench. Jewelry lamps are designed to provide adequate lighting to aid jewelers in their work. Many lamps offer unique features worth considering, depending on the setup of the jewelry workbench and the tasks being done.

Here are some pointers to help you get the best light for your workbench:

Led Jewelers Lights: The Preferred Source for Workbench Task Lighting

LED jewelry lights are growing in popularity. Daylight LED lights allow for accurate color assessment of gems and diamonds, and for matching colors of metal. LED jewelers lights also supply jewelers with a natural and inviting work environment since daylight LED lights often make spaces look airy and larger. Need we say more?  At Allure, all of our jewelry lamps are powered by LED jewelry lights.

Lamp with Clamp: Save Desk Space

Sometimes you’ll want your light out of the way, even as you need to carefully scrutinize your project. Our work lamp clamp such as this black clamp light allows you to easily change the focus of the beam of light to where you want stronger illumination without moving the lamp. What’s more, a desk lamp with a clamp frees up some much-needed workspace for projects and machinery – and it easily clips onto most desk edges.

Long Neck Desk Lamps: Balanced Arm Lamp with Long Reach Capabilities

If your table is large and your jewelry project is in need of a focused beam of light, a desk lamp with a long neck, or rather a long balanced arm since it extends toward you horizontally, will supply you with much needed light.

A balanced arm lamp that can extend over your table is incredibly useful. Even if it’s set up farther away, such as clamped on the edge of the desk, screwed on the wall, or simply fixed in its place, a desk lamp with far reaching capabilities gets that ray of light spot-on!

The sidebench lamp is also a swing arm clamp lamp, giving you the ability to freely swing the arm in any direction you desire. The LED bench lamp, another long neck desk lamp with a clamp, allows you to adjust the height with maximum ease – great for precision work!

Popular Features Recommended by Jewelers for a Jeweler’s Light

  • Shadow free illumination
  • Low heat emission
  • Dimmer switch or different levels of brightness

Get comfortable at the workbench and power on your jeweler’s bench lamp. Let there be light!
Printing Options

Imprinting on packaging items is available in standard pigment and metallic colors as a foil hotstamp.


$60 imprinting fee (includes first 200 prints)

$0.27 each additional print.

New Plate for Box & Pouch $69

New plate for Bags $89 Large bag $99

PRINTING options

Imprinting on packaging items is available in standard pigment and metallic colors as a foil hotstamp.

$60 imprinting fee (includes first 200 prints)

$0.27 each additional print.

$69 New Box & Pouch Plate.

$89 New Bags Plate.

Plates that are ordered are stored with us for future use.

If you have a plate with us already choose option plate on file.
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Price for plate is
Box & Pouch: $50.
Bags: $75.
Price for plate is
Box & Pouch: $50.
Bags: $75.

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