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Retail gift wrap is the king of customer service.  You are, after all, providing wrapping materials free of charge along with the service of expertly and professionally gift-wrapping a purchase!

Gift Wrapping Supplies for Retailers

You don’t need much in terms of retail gift wrap supplies for customers to leave your boutique or store feeling satisfied and pampered.

1.  If your gift will be given in a bag, tucking in a few tissue paper sheets adds instant festivity to the presentation. Gifts that are given in a medium or large size box, like an article of clothing or a home gift, can be wrapped with tissue paper prior to placing in the box.

2.  Tying a gift-ribbon tops off any box or bag.  All can attest that a box with a ribbon is the quintessential gift-like appearance!

3. Here’s one often skipped:  The wrapped gift box!  While it’s true that a gift box doesn’t always require the extra layer of wrapping paper, you can’t compare the experience of unwrapping a gift box enveloped in wrapping paper.  

After all, it’s all about giving our customer’s the ultimate experience and wrapping a gift box is always a winner in the gifting world! 

To wrap your customer's purchases during the holiday season, shop our holiday gift wrapping supplies.  Consider setting up a wrapping station for all holiday gifts!  Read all about setting up gift wrapping stations here→

Our gift box wrapping paper rolls are sized for wrapping gift boxes that are small.  Use them for jewelry gift wrapping, cosmetic gift wrapping, and more for a high end and modern gift wrap look. 

Gift Wrapping Promotes Branding

With corporate gift packaging and retail gift wrap, you can harness the opportunity of showcasing your brand.  Quality gift wrap grants you the medium to expand your brand image in a unique way!  

A gift wrapping accessory in the color of your brand greatly increases brand recognition.  If you don’t find your brand’s exact shade, no need to search too hard! Complementary colors can also do wonders.  Using different colors in the style of your brand (for a light shade think pastel colors) allows for visual interest while not detracting from your branding.  Alternatively, you can do a stark contrasting color of a gift wrap accessory, such as black tissue paper within your branded bag.  This will highlight your brand colors to appear sharp and distinct.

Complete your retail gift wrapping with  Euro Tote Gift Bags

For jewelry gift wrapping, corporate gift packaging, and more, find the gift wrapping accessories at Allure – your gift wrapping supplier. Get ready for a unique gift presentation to tout your brand!