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Your Guide to Corporate Gifting & Branded Gifts for Clients

The corporate gift trend is definitely on the upswing. But is corporate gifting all about boosting your brand? Absolutely not. Yet it can be a byproduct with the right implementation. Read on for how to give your brand attention in your corporate gifts, without making it all about your brand.

Gift Wrapping Service for Retail: How to Set Up a Gift Wrapping Station

There’s a good chance that your customers hate wrapping gifts. They may be looking for easy-to-wrap-gifts or, better yet, a professional to wrap their gifts.  That’s why, you should consider setting up a retail gift wrap station in your boutique that will certainly offer a perk that customers are seeking.

Jewelry Display Ideas for Retail

In-store retail jewelry displays are directly linked to sales. 

Think of it this way: 7 out of 10 customers visiting a store come with the intent to buy.  This gives your jewelry displays a lot of power that can be harnessed to engage those customers and drive more sales.

Guide to managing jewelry inventory: How to Stock and Track your Inventory

Jewelry is so small. Without the right method to track, it is not unlike guessing all the needles in a haystack.