Fast Imprinting

Jewelry packaging feels more luxurious when customized with a branded logo. When placing an order for jewelry gift boxes, bags for jewelry and accessories, or jewelry pouches, you will have the option to imprint your logo. Select from our range of 20 colors to get the desired branding. Just so you know, our hot stamping process can print many metallic colors to actually look metallic, not ink based.

The need for speed is what matters to our customers, and this sets us apart. If we have your logo on a printing plate on file, we can print your order in three to five business days – hello to time-sensitive projects and last minute customers! Our Fast Imprinting enables your order to ship only several days after it has been placed, limiting your wait time.


Our Fast Imprinting customizes orders in 3-5 business days with your printing plate on file.

We have a large variety of Jewelry Gift Boxes  and more, ready 

to print with your logo.

To place a custom printing order online, click the 

Add Stamp or Imprinting buttons

Fast Imprinting = 3-5 business days!


What color can I print?
See all your color options for printing in the image below.
How do I send my artwork?
Please send artwork in a vector format in PDF, EPS, PSD, or Ai file. If you only have a jpg, please send a high resolution (minimum of 300dpi). A better quality file helps us make a better quality print plate.
Where do I send my artwork?
If you are placing your order here, on the online shop, there are options to ADD STAMP and IMPRINTING on almost every product, once selected. Simply follow the directions, and upload your file. If you are looking at the catalog and ordering via one of our customer service agents, then you will be asked to send a file to
Does imprinting greatly impact the order processing time?
If you have a printing plate on file it will take 3-5 business days to ship your printed goods. If you do not have a printing plate, it will take 4-6 business days from your art work sign-off date. Printing can take up to 7 days during a holiday rush period.
What is the cost of printing?
There is a 1-time PLATE FEE of $69.00 (unless more sizes are required). The $60.00 PRINTING FEE includes 200 prints. (This charge is per order, and can not be rolled over to other orders.) All additional prints are 27 cents per print.
How do I know what size my artwork will be on my packaging?
All logos are sized to the boxes ordered and emailed to you for approval. We will change the size per your specification, if you do not like the suggested size. We will only proceed to print once you are happy with the size.
Will I be able to see my logo size before I receive my printed merchandise?
Yes, all logos are sized to the boxes, bags, or pouches ordered and emailed to you for approval. Your order will not process until you agree and sign off on the artwork. You may request to see an image of the print or actual sample after signing off, but please note this adds additional time until the completion of your order.
Do you offer 2 color printing?
1-color printing is the standard for in-stock printing. You can ask about custom 2-color printing for large orders.
Can I use the printing plate for all products?
The printing plate is your logo cast into metal. While it can be used for multiple products, it cannot change size. Sometimes another printing plate is required so it can fit a smaller product or larger product.



An ordering oversight on printed earring boxes:

Even the most organized companies can have an ordering oversight, but Allure Box & Display is prepared to handle it. We are ready to print with our Fast Imprinting service. 

Challenge: Benjamin’s Jewelers' purchasing employee had not been in the office due to medical complications. Everyone was getting ready for the holiday rush, it was December 1st, and the gemologist went into the back room to grab more earring boxes and couldn't find any. After all the employees searched the jewelry store, they realized they only had 5 earring boxes left, ordering packaging had been forgotten. Their jewelry gift boxes are printed in gold and they wanted to stay consistent with their brand but get boxes as soon as possible.
Recommendation: Because this jeweler is a repeat customer of Allure Box & Displays and we have their artwork on file. Allure recommended that the company place an order for their boxes with the imprinting option and it could be printed and shipped to them within 3-5 business days.
Results: The jewelry gift boxes were printed and shipped to the jeweler in 4 business days. If they had needed them sooner, they could have opted for the RUSH FEE, but there were more than satisfied with our Fast Imprinting service.

Although this large retailer usually orders large quantities and sends them to their distribution centers, they needed a smaller promotional boxes with a quick turn around.

Challenge: Target Retailer was having a give-away in New York City to promote a new product they were selling. They needed 500 cardboard universal/utility jewelry gift boxes with their logo on the box. The boxes needed to arrive at the NYC location within 5 days.
Recommendation: Allure Box & Displays recommended that the company place an order for their boxes with printing.
Results: The imprinted universal boxes were shipped directly to the customer's event location in 3 business days. They were happy with the speed of imprinting and shopping and the in-stock-supply of boxes.

Even a 1st time printing customer can get printed jewelry gift boxes, bags, and pouches faster than our competitors. 

Challenge: Witmer's Jewelry Store ran out of ring boxes by December 2nd. They call their jewelry gift box suppler but could not get replacements printed and shipped for 2 weeks. They wanted to know if we could do it sooner.

Recommendation: Allure Box & Displays recommended that the company place an order for their boxes with printing and the following directions to expedite the printing:

  • Send logo to Allure immediately/December 2nd
  • Allure must receive the art layout later that same day/December 2nd
  • The jewelry store would need to sign off on layout that day/December 2nd
  • The metal printing plate would arrive at Allure the following day, December 3rd
  • Then the ring boxes in stock, printing, and shipping could be complete in 3-5 business days.

Results: The jewelry store was thrilled with the short time frame but wanted it even faster and agreed to pay a RUSH FEE. Allure had the ring boxes stamped and shipped within 3 business days from the date that the order was placed and the art work approved.


"I never thought ordering personalized boxes can be so simple! We used Allure's jewelry logo maker tool and are extremely satisfied with the results."
"The boxes arrived just as I imagined! The printing appears to be of very high quality."
"Allure's imprinting is the final touch on signature boxes I buy for my brand. I did metallic colors, and the results are superb."

Allure can be a great source for imprinting packaging!

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