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Your Guide to Corporate Gifting & Branded Gifts for Clients

Your Guide to Corporate Gifting & Branded Gifts for Clients

What’s one thing that can foster warm feelings, by being all about the customer, and yet brings enormous benefits to your brand?

A study conducted by Forbes proved that companies that invest in corporate gifts enjoy a higher retention and engagement level than companies that don’t.

And according to a different study, 50% of businesses said they plan on increasing their gift-giving budgets.  Already, there are more than 80% of high-level companies using corporate gifting as part of their marketing strategy. We can be certain this is in no small part due to positive results. 

The takeaway here: Incorporating corporate gifts in your company culture can have a profound impact on your business. 

What’s included in this post?

  1. Choose your gift.
  2. Get a gift box.
  3. Make it tasty.
  4. Optional: Include branded pouches.
  5. Add in tissue paper.
  6. Strategize your messaging.

    What is Corporate Gifting?

    Corporate gifting is the practice of giving gifts to clients, customers, or employees.  Gifts are given to show appreciation, strengthen relationships, and promote brand awareness. Usually, the motives for sending corporate gifts are a mix of all three reasons listed above.

    When done right, corporate gifts are not a brand campaign masquerading as a gift basket. Here’s what corporate gifts should be:

    • a genuine expression of your appreciation
    • of value to the recipient
    • packaged in a compelling, tasteful way that aligns with your brand

    Let's expand:

    Corporate gifts should enhance the relationship that you have with the recipient by conveying an emotional element. You can share joy, show gratitude, extend sympathy and other emotions with your corporate gift. Emotional elements are vital to help relationships develop and thrive.

    The gift should also take into account the recipients’ interests, needs, and preferences. This is, of course, only possible to some degree.

    It should not be, however, a useless kitchen gadget. (Unless you happen to know they are a baking aficionado and this will become their new go-to baking hack!)

    Lastly, the packaging should seek to create a positive brand experience and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

    So, is corporate gifting all about boosting your brand? Absolutely not. But it can be a byproduct with the right implementation.

    Read on for how to give your brand attention in your corporate gifts, without making it all about your brand.

    Align Corporate Gift Packaging with Your Brand

    Packaging plays a vital role here. Let's reiterate; after you’ve settled on the perfect gift. That fancy box will get a snort if it contains nothing of value.

    Aligning your gift packaging with your company branding can highlight your brand in a memorable way. We recommend anything that highlights your brand personality to make it aesthetically-you.

    Definitely incorporate company colors, logo, and other brand elements in your packaging design. Many packaging wholesalers like Allure allow you to custom imprint on their gift boxes, bags, ribbon, and tissue paper.

    Tips to build your own corporate gift box

    Sure, you can outsource the entire corporate gift thing. And check it off your list! But before you do, consider these pointers.

    You’ll see that building your own branded box isn’t as complicated as it looks. And when you diy you can easily stay within budget while still getting it branded! (Plus, you can spend more on the gift and not on the company putting it together for you…. Guaranteed to be more appreciated 👍.)

    1. Choose your gift.

    No need to shop for a showstopper! Anything thoughtful will do. Yes, you can go with a powerbank. Everyone can always use another. Or something similar…

    If you’re in the jewelry industry, here are some jewelry customer gift ideas for your corporate gift box:

    1. Jewelry roll or travel jewelry case
    2. Leather jewelry traveling mirror
    3. Jewelry cleaner and polishing cloth
    4. A coupon toward their next purchase

      Your gift can ALSO be completely food. In that case, head right over to tip #2.

      2. Get a gift box.

      Avoid wrapping round shapes by using a gift box to wrap your corporate gifts. Save yourself time and unnecessary frustration! It’s flawless, and just so corporate-looking. And need we say it? Easy to ship!

      Allure’s magnetic gift box is a premium gift box that can effectively host your gift with class. Choose the dimensions that best fits your gift. Be sure to add your logo for custom branded gift boxes.

      Ta-da! You’re officially impressive.

      Don’t forget to leave some extra space! We’ll discuss how to fill that next.

      3. Make it tasty.

      Add in a food component, preferably something that can get devoured right away. Just make sure it’s something universally liked and non-perishable! Wine is always a good choice, as is candy, nuts, and chocolate.

      Allure’s wine bottle gift box is a magnetic wine gift box that will elegantly package your prized bottle.

      4. Optional: Include Branded Pouches

      This is a pro-tip for those looking to achieve that perfectly branded corporate gift.

      Why? Because branded pouches are a luxury hack to brand your actual gift! Besides for giving the recipient a neat way to store their gift, it’ll be your name there when the box is long disposed of.

      We’ve seen branded pouches look great on scented candles, electronics (such as earpods), cosmetics (such as hand cream) and more.

      Bonus: Branded pouches also serve to protect your gift with their soft materials, and they take up space, filling up your box in a luxurious manner.

      5. Add in tissue paper

      Tissue paper serves to protect, fill up, and enhance your overall presentation.  No need to elaborate more!  

      Allure also has a variety of metallic colored tissue paper that can add a subtle touch of elegance.

      6. Strategize your Messaging

      This is arguably the most important component of your gift box! For clients, thank them for their trust and confidence in you. For employees, thank them for their performance and for being part of your team. And of course, always include your name and logo along with your message!

      When planning your corporate gift for clients, consider offering a coupon. This encourages repeat business at an opportune time, giving value to you and the recipient.

      How much to spend on corporate gifts

      According to Forbes, the typical price range for corporate gifts is between $50-$200.  Ultimately, it’s not the price that matters. It is the thoughtfulness of the gift that should come through.

      Are corporate gifts tax deductible?

      According to the IRS, you can deduct $25 per person for each gift.  However, there are ways to get around the $25 deduction limit with corporate gifts.  

      One big way to qualify for more is if your gift includes incidental costs.  Incidental costs are additional costs that are part of a gift but don’t add value to the gift.  This includes gift wrapping, engraving, imprinting, packaging, gift wrapping, etc.

      So this means that if you brand your gift packaging at Allure with our professional imprinting services, you can deduct the full amount of the imprinting fee along with your other corporate gift packaging and gift wrapping costs!


      The corporate gifting trend is definitely on the upswing, with the corporate gifting market projected to grow even more.  Jump on the bandwagon! It's the newest shift in marketing.  Because investing in relationships leads you to the road of corporate success.

      And by custom imprinting and curating your corporate gift boxes yourself, you can impress with less. 

      Happy Gifting!