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Professional jewelers know a real gem when they see one. Notwithstanding, a gem tester still holds a prominent position in the jeweler’s drawer. A gem tester is a valuable tool that will eliminate human error and correctly identify similar gemstones or discern lab-created diamonds from earth-mined diamonds.

Gone are the days when synthetic stones were manufactured with perfect clarity in large sizes! The market today is flooded with synthetic stones that mimic the size, color, and luster of genuine stones. This makes it increasingly harder to correctly assess a gemstone’s worth. A professional gemstone tester, also known as a jewel detector or diamond tester, takes away the guesswork of differentiating between gems.

How to test gemstones with a gem tester

Holding the gem stone tester, allow the tip of the thermoelectric probe to touch the surface of a diamond or gem. Pronto! The screen will now display the results.

How does a gem tester work? An electronic gem tester works by testing the heat conductivity of the material. Different stones conduct heat on different levels. Based on the heat detected, the tool can accurately determine the type of stone.

Best gemstone tester to meet your needs

At Allurepack, we know your time is best spent centered around jewelry. That’s why we’ve sourced the best gem testers from top manufacturers, all in an effort to get you the best gem tester selection to meet your needs. When you buy a diamond and stone tester here, you’ll sense the quality on your first probe.

Here's a quick overview of our diamond testers that are used and trusted by professional jewelers: When it comes to assessing moissanite, most standard gem testers won’t assess them correctly, and the SmartPro Reader is ideal for assessing moissanite.

Our other diamond testers for sale include the SmartPro Gem tester, which features the industry’s thinnest probe, and the SmartPro diamond screener, which harnesses the power of the latest technology to discern the tiniest of stones, even once mounted.

Also a Must: Professional Jewelry Scale For Buying, Selling, and Quoting

A jewelry weighing scale is a precious metals scale to calculate the weight of jewelry or jewelry components. Gold, silver, or platinum jewelry components are commonly placed on the scale to determine their weight while fashioning jewelry. If you also buy used jewelry, then weighing the jewelry for calculating it with the current market price is a prerequisite to giving your quote.

How to Use a Jewelry Scale

Jewelry digital scales allow for easy and accurate weighing of jewelry. Simply place your jewelry onto the scale’s platform and ensure the scale is set to grams. Note the number on the display screen, down to the tenth of a gram. There you have the weight!

Best Scale for Weighing Precious Metals

The best jewelry scale is the one that best fits your needs! Our scales to weigh gold and other metals display weight count in grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweight, and grain. Our precious metals scales are also pocket jewelry scales for taking with you. From workbench to selling counter or jewelry shows – these scales to weigh gold will become your go-to companion.

Printing Options

Imprinting on packaging items is available in standard pigment and metallic colors as a foil hotstamp.


$60 imprinting fee (includes first 200 prints)

$0.27 each additional print.

New Plate for Box & Pouch $69

New plate for Bags $89 Large bag $99

PRINTING options

Imprinting on packaging items is available in standard pigment and metallic colors as a foil hotstamp.

$60 imprinting fee (includes first 200 prints)

$0.27 each additional print.

$69 New Box & Pouch Plate.

$89 New Bags Plate.

Plates that are ordered are stored with us for future use.

If you have a plate with us already choose option plate on file.
For first time print choose upload logo option.

Price for plate is
Box & Pouch: $50.
Bags: $75.
Price for plate is
Box & Pouch: $50.
Bags: $75.

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