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In-Stock Supply

All of the jewelry displays and jewelry gift boxes, bags, and pouches on our website and in our catalog are in-stock. This service provides benefits for both large manufacturers and retail stores as well as local jewelry stores and boutiques.

Small and medium sized retail stores can order smaller amounts but be assured that items are always available. Large retail stores and manufacturers use in-stock packaging for time-sensitive projects or if their shipments are not arriving in time.

Read our jewelry inventory management guide to learn how to track your stock so you know when to replenish.


Our #1 priority is keeping our inventory In-Stock and ready to ship

We have a vast variety of products ready to ship.
ALL items in our catalog and online shop are available without advance ordering.

Orders ship within 24 hours!


How soon can I get my in-stock order?
Items will be shipped same day for items ordered before 3pm. Shipping is UPS grounds unless otherwise specified.
Ever Out-of-Stock?
Our In-Stock Supply Service is extremely important to us. On the rare occasion that one of our products is out of stock the product displayed on our website will have an option for you to be notified as soon as the stock is replenished. Since we are rarely are out of stock, and we often air ship in items that are out of stock this helps our customers depend on us as their main packaging source.
What happens if you do not have stock of an item I really need?
Please call the office at 800-859-1788, we may be-able to give you an estimated arrival time or help you find another product to hold you over in a time crunch.
How do I know if an item is in-stock?
When you add an item to your cart, you will be notified if the product is not available for immediate shipment.
What does it mean when part of the item is not available for immediate shipment?
That means that we have some of the items but not all of the quantity you are ordering.



Large and small manufacturers,  retailers, jewelry stores, and online shops sometimes have time sensitive needs that our In-Stock Supply service is able to accommodate quickly. 

CHALLENGE: A large custom jewelry manufacturer needed jewelry gift boxes for a special Alzheimer’s pop-up event in 3 days. This was a one-time event. They wished to not use their traditionally branded gift boxes but have special gift boxes in the color purple - the signature color of Alzheimer's. Their current gift box supplier could not meet the needs of this last minute pop-up event and they only had three days to prepare for the event. 

RECOMMENDATION: Allure Box & Displays recommended that the company place an order for our in-stock Glamour gift boxes which were available in the perfect shade of purple. 

RESULTS: The boxes were shipped to the customer within 24 hours which means that they had them in plenty of time for their pop-up event. Last-minute surprises are not an issue for Allure Box & Displays. We are ready to ship, at a moments notice with boxes that we had in-stock.


The primary intention of the In-Stock Supply service was to be able to meet the ordering needs of retail jewelry stores, boutiques, and online shops who often order the same packaging stock on an as-needed basis. 

CHALLENGE: A local main street jewelry store needed a gift box company that always had boxes available and ready to ship. In the past they found that with other jewelry gift box companies they would often places orders and then be told that items were back-ordered.

RECOMMENDATION: Allure Box & Displays told them about our In-Stock Service and recommended that the company place an order, even if an item is back-ordered. If Allure sees an order pending with an item on back-order, we will often air ship some of the items in to fulfill the pending orders. Our web service also provides a notification feature - to be notified by email when an item becomes available.

RESULTS: We have been able to meet the orders of this particular jewelry store's needs with our In-Stock Supply program and they have become a repeat customer for the past 2 years. This service helps them consistently meet their branding initiatives and simplify their re-ordering process as well as making re-ordering as stress free as possible. They are happy they no longer need to shop around for gift boxes. Although Allure’s mission is to keep everything in-stock, even when items are back-ordered we are quick about fulfilling them. We also have found a way to communicate when items are back in-stock with those customers interested in certain items. 


Had what i needed in stock!
Very satisfied! Allure staff went the extra mile when there was a back order, Thank you!!!

All of the Allure's gift boxes and jewelry displays are in-stock!
On the rare occasion that we might not have the exact quantity

you need we will do our best to expedite a shipment.


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