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Stock'N Ship

Do you need a reliable supply of custom gift boxes, bags, and displays but don’t have space? While many companies are growing from small retailers into large ones, they don’t always have the space to hold their packaging. The Stock 'N Ship service stocks all your custom packagings and displays, and delivers it to your door on-demand—with short notice.

The Stock'N Ship™ is an economy of scale service, it allows customers to place volume custom orders, store the order in Allure's warehouse, and ship to any location. We do all the leg work, no need to worry about packing orders or splitting cartons. There is an upfront deposit, but you are only billed when the merchandise ships - and orders are shipped within 24 hours. Plus, we will help you forecast your growing business and let you know when it is time to re-order.


All custom jewelry packaging inventory in our Stock ’N Ship program is ready to ship. The inventory is stored in a safe warehouse and Allure Box & Display will help forecast your growing business and manage your logistics.

No waiting for custom jewelry gift boxes to arrive! Branded jewelry gift boxes kept in-stock! (Displays & Bags too!)


How does it help me to use Stock N Ship?
When we customize jewelry gift boxes it often takes up to three months for the customizations. By using the Stock N Ship service our clients can place large bulk orders, we hold the customized product in our New Jersey warehouse, and we only ship you what you need. So the wait time for the product is very quick and you are only charged for the delivered boxes.
Is this only a service for custom?
While it is primarily a service provided for customized branded packaging, if you like a stock item it is a possibility for the right quantity.
What is the Minimum for stock n ship?
3000-5000 pieces. Please call 800-859-1788
How quickly can I have my Stock N Ship boxes shipped out?
Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours.
Is Stock N Ship only for boxes?
No, we also have customers that stock branded displays and custom branded gift bags.
How often do I have to take my stock?
Whenever, but you must take all stock in 12 months.
Is there 2 color printing options?
Most Stock 'N Ship customers have customized their orders, for custom packaging 2-color printing is an option. At this time Allure only provides 1-color printing options for In-Stock printing.
How do I know when to re-order Stock N Ship?
We will keep track of your inventory. Help you forecast for your growing business and let you know when it is time to re-order.



Even large jewelry retail chains can take advantage of the stocking and shipping program. Customized jewelry gift boxes can be stocked and distributed to their chain stores as needed. CHALLENGE: A jewelry chain store did not have a distribution location but needed a place to store their customized jewelry gift boxes. And they needed the ability to quickly ship out orders to their chain stores.

RECOMMENDATION: Allure Box & Displays could customize, warehouse, and distribute the jewelry packaging with the Stock 'N Ship program. The retail jewelry chain can order bulk custom orders of branded packagings. Allure will stock, pack, and ship orders within 24 hours to any of their chain locations.

RESULTS: Allure was able to customize and stock large quantities of their jewelry gift boxes and easily ship to any of the jewelry chain’s many locations within 24-hours. This greatly simplified the ordering process for the corporate office, saved them time, and helped them respond to the individual chain store's packaging needs quicker.


A current Stock'N Ship client of ours is able to respond to a new opportunity quickly by having us route branded jewelry gift boxes to a new location.

CHALLENGE: Candy’s Gem, a jewelry manufacturer had been using the Stock'N Ship service to keep branded packaging in-stock in Allure’s warehouse. And they loved the service. Unexpectedly, they are approached by a JCP with an opportunity to start carrying their products. This was great news but they needed ALL of their branded gift boxes shipped to JCP by next week.

RECOMMENDATION: Allure Box & Displays recommended that the manufacturer put in an order to have all their stock shipped to JCP within 24 hours. Allure would suggest immediately replenishing stock, possibly air freighting in some of the merchandise so that Candy’s Gem is not left without their customized boxes, for other vendors.

RESULTS: The manufacturer was to take advantage of the last-minute opportunity from JCP and ship out all the necessary gift boxes because Allure they were enrolled in the Stock 'N Ship program. They met the need within 1 day! And had plenty of time to re-order and stock the custom gift boxes. Candy Gem could grow their business! Allure wants to be a part of your growth.


The Stock 'N Ship program enabled a growing business to afford custom gift boxes. 

CHALLENGE: Natalie’s Shark Jewelry is the latest trend and her company is growing very fast. She needed to produce 10,000 shark jewelry boxes to match her jewelry but she didn't have the overhead for all 10,000 boxes.

RECOMMENDATION: Allure Box & Displays recommended that Natalie order the 10,000 pieces through the Stock 'N Ship program. As part of the program all she needed to do was pay the initial deposit. After that she will only pay for the gift boxes in a placed delivery order.

RESULTS: Allure is able to help a growing business manage the cost of custom gift boxes. Natalie is not overspent because she is only charged for the packaging that she is using, but still have her custom shark boxes ready to ship within 24 hours.


The AllurePack Stock 'N Ship program helped me tremendously with planning." ~ a main street jewelry store in Columbus, OH
We had visions of custom gift boxes but it seems out of our budget until we found Allure Box & Display! Their Stock 'N Ship service is fantastic! And the customer support for re-ordering is stellar." ~ an artisan jeweler in Boulder, CO.
Combining the Custom Design service with the Stock 'N Ship service ... just what we needed!" ~ a jewelry manufacturer in Las Vegas, NV

Let Allure Box & Displays be a vital part of your business,

we can be your packaging distribution center and a great

source for your business' custom branding needs!

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